A couple of pictures of the snug/study which I managed to tidy up a little the other day.  I have a few things I want to do in here still but am happy enough with it at the moment.  However, I have a question!  As you can see there are quite a lot of books (the shelves follow around behind the armchairs too) and I wonder what you thought about color co-ordinating them??  This is something I have seen many, many times on blogs etc over the past few years and I have always felt a bit dubious about it thinking it was just a push too far / a bit too much!  But now I am not so sure...there is some sort of vague order to how these books are arranged..mostly in the way that all my husband's books (almost all thrillers) are kept to one area, more or less, then there are mine and then there are books on business, design and health/diet etc so colour co-ordination would slap that all up but I'm not sure that that is a problem.  Anyway, just curious as to what you think?  Should I do it or leave as is?  Would love to hear what you think and what your advice might be :)

Hope you are having a good week!


  1. Oh, I like your study. About color co-ordinating your books, it's something I've been thinking about as well. I like what I see on other blogs, but somehow it seems like a major project. I think what's holding me back is the fact that I'm not quite sure I'll love the end result. And then I would hate to re-arrange them all again. Do post pictures, if you do decide to do it.

  2. I love colour co-ordinated books! I've done it a number of times now, as we've moved house or moved the location of the books, and it just looks right!

  3. With your space being so cllean and neat, I would not coordinate because I am one for contrasts! And I think in this space, the uncoordinated books are bringing real life feeling to the room! I actually had just spoken about the subject with a designer/arquitecht who thought the same! But than again, thats just one opinion. Whatever you do, will look grear! :)
    Ps. @lelalouhio

  4. From where you got that digital clock screensaver? It is really nice. xo
    ~ Herman Swan


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