Hello! Been busy around here of late!  Enjoying autumn closing in, going for lots of nice walks, making comforting food like cottage pie and chocolate cake! 

Also, a bit of shopping!  It's been yonks since I bought anything for the house and I have a loooonnngg wishlist, which I will share here shortly, but this Normann Copenhagen Trolley has been at the top since I saw it in a newsletter I received early in the summer and so I bought it!  I am really happy with it and you know what, it's not just a thing of beauty, it's practical too.  I will be running around as hostess with the mostest, pushing the trolley around my living room ensuring my guests have all the drinks and snacks they need...fancy!

Picture of the trolley in situ below and some other snaps from our recent walks with the woofs etc.  Hope you are having a great week!


Hello!  I hope you are having a lovely weekend :)  We got up reasonably early today as it was such a lovely morning and headed out to Dun Laoghaire with the dogs for a walk on the pier.  It was perfect...a strong, fresh sea breeze, sun shining and not too many people about!  Enjoyed a nice walk and then of course, indulged in a 99 from Teddy's (it would have been rude not to!).  We are going out for dinner this evening with the gang to celebrate a birthday, am really looking forward to that as we haven't all been out together in a while.


A couple of pictures of the snug/study which I managed to tidy up a little the other day.  I have a few things I want to do in here still but am happy enough with it at the moment.  However, I have a question!  As you can see there are quite a lot of books (the shelves follow around behind the armchairs too) and I wonder what you thought about color co-ordinating them??  This is something I have seen many, many times on blogs etc over the past few years and I have always felt a bit dubious about it thinking it was just a push too far / a bit too much!  But now I am not so sure...there is some sort of vague order to how these books are arranged..mostly in the way that all my husband's books (almost all thrillers) are kept to one area, more or less, then there are mine and then there are books on business, design and health/diet etc so colour co-ordination would slap that all up but I'm not sure that that is a problem.  Anyway, just curious as to what you think?  Should I do it or leave as is?  Would love to hear what you think and what your advice might be :)

Hope you are having a good week!

the weekend

Phew!  It's been a really busy week but come Saturday night, we were able to relax and catch up and we've had a very lazy Sunday! 

I made a flourless chocolate cake from the Primrose Bakery book on Saturday evening - it was delish...

We had a long, lingering brekkie this morning....

Then as it was such a gorgeous day, we went over to Phoenix Park for a walk with the woofs...

Took a few snaps of the city on the way back home...

And now, I am relaxing whilst ogling the beautiful homes in Elle Decoration October...

Hope you had a great weekend!

donna wearmouth

I stumbled across Donna Wearmouth's work a couple of days ago and immediately fell in love!  Donna is a graphic designer and these posters (below) were designed by her as part of her degree.  They were designed for a fictional gallery (Quadra) and I understand that she created the brand identity, stationery and guides too. 

I love the bold shapes and the typeface and was very excited to find that I could purchase them online!   They are available to buy here.  I was in touch with Donna by email (very lovely and very helpful!) as I wondered whether the background was white or grey.  I was hoping it was white but Donna explained that they are printed on grey stock and that they look great in a white box frame.  I thought that sounded perfect so they are winging their way to me now.  I am planning to display them in Ikea's white Ribba frames (Donna has used these in her own studio).

I can't wait for them to arrive...I will post photos once framed and on the wall.  I am so good at framing things as soon as I get them ;)


Finally, I have gotten around to updating, refreshing and renewing my blog! I have left the old Six Black Dots behind (I'm keeping it for the memories and it's still there to view) but this is the fancy new blog! I hope you like it! The name is the same but the web address is slightly different.

I still have some tweaking to do here and there but I am happy with the new look - clean and simple! The theme is by the lovely Ana of Blog Milk (here) and because she has quite a few great themes to choose from, it took me a while to decide on just one!

Anyway, I have gotten really into Instagram lately (link to my instagram over on the left) and have met some lovely people on there and that is what has spurred me into action on blogging again! So, today, I am just saying "hello and welcome" to the new look blog! I am looking forward to posting on a more regular basis and I hope that you will drop by to say hello every now and then!

Below are some recent pictures of my home from Instagram :)  Enjoy your week and I would love to hear what you think about the new look!

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